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Category Archives: Safe Driving

Why Should You Bleed Your Brakes?

The brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle, and the entire system relies on the hydraulic power of brake fluid to function properly. Modern vehicles


Headlight Maintenance 101

When is the last time you changed your headlights? Now is the perfect time to get your vehicle ready for summer, when most road travel occurs. While many focus on oil ch


Try This Pre-Trip Vehicle Check Before You Hit the Road

With millions of Americans taking road trips this spring and summer, the last thing you need is car trouble. A simple pre-trip vehicle inspection helps ensure a safe and


Tire Age is as Critical as Tread Depth

The health and longevity of your tires doesn’t always have to be related to wear and tread depth. Age can also be a factor for the state of your tires. Your tires may h


The Horror of Potholes

Some potholes are just little cracks. And some could swallow an Escalade. Which is kind of the point: potholes grow bigger the longer they are left unfixed. They are almo


7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

  No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you’ve probably done things like: Shift into drive while the car is still rolling backward. Ride the brakes on steep