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Monthly Archives: November 2014

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How To Tell If Your Vehicle Needs A Wheel Alignment

Here at TGK Automotive, an automotive repair shop in Saint Paul and Hugo, MN, we believe wheel alignments are an important part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance.  Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles


How To Protect Your Vehicle From Salt In The Winter

The winters in the Twin Cities can be very rough on your vehicle.  What can be the most damaging to your vehicle in the winter months is the salt and sand on the roads.  Here at TGK Automotive, a re


Restore Your Vehicle’s Headlights

Over time headlights begin to dull or become foggy, making it hard to see at night. Restoring your headlights makes your vehicle look nicer and instantly improves the distance you are able to see at n


Better Business Bureau Accredited Automotive Shop in Saint Paul and Hugo

TGK Automotive, Inc is a family run business with over 18 years of automotive repair experience.  We have automotive repair shops in Hugo and Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We are proudly servicing all imp


Why Regular Oil Changes Are So Important

Oil changes are an extremely important part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance.  Getting regular oil changes is essential to making sure your vehicle lasts a long time and avoiding future engine