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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Are You Following These Car Seat Safety Tips?

Keeping your child safe while they are in your vehicle is hugely important. But do you know all of the regulations and laws in the state of Minnesota that govern child safety in vehicles. Here are som


7 Quick Tips for A Happy Vehicle – And Driver

We’ve got 7 tips to help you keep your car or truck happy and your wallet from getting too light.   Touch up nicks sooner rather than later Touch-up paint won’t adhere well to rust. So be


10 Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning This Spring

Have you ever had the feeling of losing complete control of your vehicle while driving on a rainy day? Odds are you were experiencing hydroplaning, and if you are like most drivers, it was a feeling


Bought a New Car? Be Patient During the Break-in Period

Buying a new car means spending tens of thousands of dollars. You more than likely want to make sure it lasts as long as possible in top condition. We’ve got three helpful tips that you should keep