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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

It doesn’t take long for a clean car to get messy again, especially if you have children.  With our busy lifestyles it can be hard to keep your car always clean, but with these four easy car cleaning tips you can maintain its cleanliness.  

1.  Bag it up! – Keep plastic bags underneath your seats or in the pocket in the back of the seats.   The bags can be used to place any garbage that may accumulate and can be easily taken out.  Try and throw away all your garbage when stopped to fill up your tank.  These bags could also be used to hold wet clothes or muddy shoes and save your car from getting dirty!

2.  Don’t Eat in your Car – Try and avoid eating in your car especially while driving, as it can be very distracting and could cause an accident.  By not eating in your car you won’t have to worry about garbage piling up or food falling underneath the seat.

3.  Organize – Put collapsible storage bins in the back of your vehicle to organize toys, emergency kits,  or other necessities you may have.  However, try to avoid bringing extra stuff that you do not need with you.

4.  Cleaning – If anything would happen to spill and make a mess it is important to have cleaning wipes on hand.  There are many on the go cleaning and anti bacterial wipes that are perfect for on the go.
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