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5 Items to Keep in Your Vehicle in Case of a Break Down

Avoid being stranded on the side of the road by making sure these couple items are always in your vehicle.  These items can help your vehicle get running again till you make it to the repair shop.

Owner’s Manual – Always keep your owner’s manual in the glove box of your vehicle for your reference.

Jumper Cables – Getting a dead battery isn’t very uncommon, especially in the freezing winter months.  It is important to carry jumper cables or an emergency battery booster.  This way you  can get your vehicle started and can carry on your way.   If you notice that your battery is going dead often, make sure to get into TGK Automotive to have your battery tested or replaced.

Spare Tire –  In case of a flat tire, make sure to have a spare tire that is ready to use.  Also, make sure to have the proper tools to change a tire.  At TGK Automotive, we sell all kinds and brands of tires.

Emergency Flat Tire Repair – If you do not want to deal with changing your tire, make sure to have a flat tire repair, like Fix-a Flat.  This will temporally plug your tire so you can make it to a repair shop.  Here at TGK Automotive, we offer tire repair.  We can put a plug in your tire or replace it, if necessary.

Tire Pressure Gauge –  Having the correct tire pressure can increase your fuel economy and will give you a safer more comfortable ride.  Click here to learn how to check your tire pressure.

Not all of these items can help you in the event of a break down.  If you are stuck on the side of the road with a major problem with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call one of our shops for a tow truck.

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