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5 Quick Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

The extreme temperatures in Minnesota can have a big effect on your vehicle. If you need new tires, your oil changed, or any other maintenance done, now is the time to bring in your vehicle to TGK Automotive.

Here are a couple ways to prepare your vehicle for the long winter ahead.

Driving in snow can be very difficult and sometimes dangerous, but having tires with good tread on them can make your drive safer. 

Battery Inspection
Car batteries typically last about 5 years and with the extreme temperatures in Minnesota it can be even less.  Bring your vehicle in today to have your battery tested and looked over for any cracks or leaks.

Check Coolant inspectionAlong with keeping your engine from overheating, engine coolant is used to protect your engine from corrosion.  Make sure the coolant you are using contains ethylene glycol to help protect your engine in the wintertime.  Not sure how to check the coolant?  Stop into TGK Automotive and have one of our mechanics check it for you.

Windshield Wipers
Your wiper blades should be replaced twice a year.   It is important, especially in snowy conditions that you are able to see clearly through your windshield.  Also, make sure you have winter formula windshield wiper fluid.

Emergency Kit
In case your vehicle does happen to break down, make sure you are prepared by keeping an emergency kit inside your vehicle.  It’s a good idea to keep a blanket, boots, water, snacks, shovel, and a rope inside your vehicle in case of an emergency.