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6 Signs of Transmission Problems

6 Signs of Transmission Problems from TGK Automotive

Check Engine Light – If your check engine light is on, this means that something is not working properly.  It is important to have your vehicle looked at by a mechanic right away to avoid damaging any other components.

Leaking Transmission Fluid – Transmission fluid is typically bright red.  If you notice it leaking, Tyler bmw inspectionmake sure to get your vehicle in to see where it is coming from.

Stalled Response – When changing gears, you might notice your transmission hesitate to go from “park” to “drive”.  If in good working condition, there should not be any hesitation when shifting.

Unusual Sounds – If you hear unusual noises, it is usually a good indication that something is not working right.  It’s important to have your vehicle looked at right away to avoid a more costly repair.

Slipping Gears –  When driving you might notice that your vehicle suddenly changes into another gear, along with strange noises occurring.

Rough Shifting – You might notice that when your vehicle shifts gears it isn’t very smooth.  You might notice a clunking or thud noise as well as your vehicle having trouble getting up to speed.

Here at TGK Automotive, an auto repair shop in Maplewood and Hugo, MN, we provide a variety of transmission services.  If you are having any of the above problems, make sure to schedule your appointment at one of our locations today to avoid a larger repair bill later on.

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