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Top Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes

To keep your vehicle running smoothly you must be doing the proper maintenance.  Not keeping up your vehicle could lead to larger repair bills, lower gas mileage, and much more.  Here are some maintenance mistakes not to make.
Over/Under Inflated Tires –
To keep your gas mileage down make sure that your tires are not under inflated.  Tires leak air over time and need to be checked at least twice a year.  If your tires are over inflated, your tires are going to wear out faster.
Bad Windshield Wipers-
It is very important that you are able to see clearly while driving, especially in the severe weather that Minnesota has.  Make sure to change your wiper blades twice a year.
Bad Tread Depth-
With the large amounts of snow and rain in Minnesota you want to make sure that your tires still have enough tread.  The tread on your tires help you keep control of your vehicle in the harsh weather.  To make sure your tires have adequate tread depth, stop in today to have them checked out by a professional.
Dirty Air Filter-
A dirty air filter can affect the fuel economy of your vehicle.  A cheap and easy way to raise your gas mileage is to replace your air filter.  Stop in today to get your air filter replaced if you have not changed it in awhile.
Squeaky Brakes-
Do not ignore brakes if they feel different or if they are squeaking.   Take your vehicle in to get your brakes looked at by a trained professional.
Make sure you are taking care of your vehicle with the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.  The more you avoid these maintenance mistakes the less likely you will have a big repair bill in the future.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at one of our locations.

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