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Are you Prepared for Your Summer Road Trip?

Whether your planing a four hour or four week road trip, you want to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for that long trip ahead.  The last thing you want happening on your vacation is your vehicle to break down hours away from home.
1.) Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Make sure your vehicle is running smoothly by either checking it over yourself or by getting it looked over by one of our ASE certified technicians here at TGK Automotive.  Check the lights, directionals, wiper blades, fluid levels, and belts and hoses for any wear and tear.  If you schedule an oil change at one of our shops we will do a free curtosey inspection on your vehicle.

2.)  Inspect Your Tires

Inspect your tires for any bulging, inflation, or deflation.  Also, make sure your tires have enough tread on them, as you never know what kind of weather you might encounter.  Click here to see how you can measure the tread depth yourself.

3.) Don’t Forget the Spare Tire

After checking your tires, don’t forget to to see if your spare tire is inflated and ready for use.  Also, double check that you have a car jack and the proper tools to change your tire.

4.)  Put Together a Car Care Kit

Prepare a emergency car care kit filled with bottled water, a first aid kit, rain jacket, flashlight, pocket knife, jumper cables, and snacks.  Make sure your phone is charged or have a car phone charger so can call for help.


Before a road trip it is important to prepare your vehicle to save you a major headache down the road!  If your planning on driving your vehicle a long distance, make sure to get your vehicle inspected and the maintenance taken care of before you go!

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