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Be a Safe and Have a Sober Driver

During the summer months, drunk driving-related accidents are at an all-time high. While about 30% of all accidents are related to drinking and driving, around the Fourth of July, that number doubles to about 65%. Please remember to be safe, find a sober ride, and don’t drink and drive. Here are some things you can do instead of driving home after a night out.

Call a Taxi: Most cab companies are open 24 hours a day, so they are always available. Around the Twin Cities there are several different options: Yellow Cab, Green & White Taxi, Red & White Taxi, Blue & White Taxi, and more.

Yellow Cab: (612) 788-8888
Green and White: (612) 222-2222
Red and White: (612) 871-1600
Blue and White: (612) 333-3333

Call a Friend: Even if it is late at night, try to get ahold of someone who isn’t too far away. Most people will be willing to come and get you, especially if you offer them a little bit of money for their time.

Have a Designated Driver: Before the night gets started, make sure you have someone who is going to stay sober and drive you home. Make sure it is someone you can count on to follow through, and that you stay with them throughout the night.

TGK Automotive promotes safe and smart driving, so if you are getting ready for a night out, be sure you have an alternative ride home! Thank you!

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