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Buying Used Cars vs. Buying New Cars

There is nothing quite like the new-car smell. There is a quiet victory in being able to customize it however you wish. There is a sense of pride in knowing you are the first owner. Buying a new car can be very rewarding, but I would hold on a second. Sometimes the best deal when purchasing a car can be from buying used.


Buying a used car may sound risky to some, but according to you can potentially save between 30-40% by purchasing a used car in comparison to a new car. Thanks to new technologies and used-car superstore chains. Buying used has become more reliable than it was in the past. Most used-car superstores sell cars that are usually around 3 years old. Thanks to dealers like Enterprise and Walser buying used has become more dependable.


How can you check to see if the car you are buying is reliable? Websites like and (Kelley Blue Book) will let you check the going prices for almost every make, model, and year you want. Those websites will tell you what price you can expect to buy your car at, but websites like Carfax and Autoheck allow you to look up the history of the car you want to purchase. These websites will show you information like how many actual miles are on the car, if the car has ever been sent to a junkyard, or if it has ever been in a accident.


Another important step in the buying process of a used car is to get it checked out by your mechanic. When considering to buy a $15,000 you should pay the extra $100 to get it checked out to reassure you everything is as it should be.


Lastly, when buying used AND new cars remember everything is negotiable! It is okay to politely suggest a new price for a car and then decline and counter-offer. Make sure you are educated on the car(s) that you are looking to buy and go in confident. By remaining polite and confident you are sure to lower the price to either your target price, or closer to your price range.

Buying used cars and buying new cars both have their advantages, but I suggest you look into both areas before making the big decision!