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5 Signs You May Need New Brakes

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what your car needs if it has been driving a little funny. One thing that may need maintenance is your brakes. There a few telling signs that can help you in determining whether or not it may be time for new brakes:

Unusual noises: Sometimes when your brakes are wearing down or need maintenance, they will make a high-pitched squeaking sound. You may also hear a grinding sound. This indicates that the brake pads have been worn down and need replacing.

Worn Pads: Another sign of bad brakes is worn down brake pads. Along with the grinding noise you will hear from your vehicle, you can also visually see the pads. When looking at your brake pads, look at the thickness of them and then determine the wear.

Brake Pedal: If you feel your brake pedal isn’t doing its job, whether it is braking too abruptly or is pushing down without loss of speed, this may mean there is actually damage in the braking system.

Vibrations: When you are braking normally, your brake pedal should be smooth and gradual. However if you are experiencing a pulsing unintentionally, this is another sign that you have parts that need replacing.

Pulling: Sometimes your vehicle can have a “mind of its own” and lose the precision of turns and steering when driving. This can be caused by unevenly inflated tires, wrong alignment, or uneven brake pads. Be sure to drive slowly and safely and pull off of the side of the road.

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