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Are Seasonal Tires Worth It?


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The so-called “all-season” tires have been a popular trend for many years. But there are a couple things you should still keep in mind when deciding whether to get winter tires.

  • Tire manufacturers priorities have shifted toward wider, low-profile tires on many cars. As far as balance goes these tires will respond worse in the snow. Attempts to improve fuel economy have also worked against snow driving.
  • New trend patterns and rubber compounds on winter tires cause less noise on dry roads and cause them to be more effective on frozen roads.

It is more cost effective to have two complete sets of tires and mounts than to remount the tires on your rims twice a year. If you are interested in getting a quote or more information on tire care or replacement contact an associate at one of our locations today. Visit our website at for more information on services we offer.

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