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Bought a New Car? Be Patient During the Break-in Period

Ford EscapeBuying a new car means spending tens of thousands of dollars. You more than likely want to make sure it lasts as long as possible in top condition. We’ve got three helpful tips that you should keep in mind as you drive out of the dealer’s lot:

  • During the break-in period – typically the first 1,000 miles – keep your speed under 55 mph or to the speed recommended by your car’s manufacturer.
  • Avoid heavy loads on the drive train, such as towing trailers, and loading the roof rack or trunk with heavy construction materials.
  • Do not allow your new car to idle for long periods — this is good advice for the life of your car, but especially during the break-in period. The oil pressure generated by doing so may not be sending oil to every part of your engine.

Use only light to medium acceleration, keeping the engine rpms below 3,000 for the first few hours of driving.


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