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Get the Most Out of Your Fill-ups


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The first step in saving money on gas is to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle. This information can be found in the manufacturer’s specs. Once you have purchased a vehicle here are some fuel saving tips to help reduce your number of fill-ups.

  • Ensure appropriate tire pressure and regular alignments.
  • If you have removable seats, remove them.
  • Remove any heavy unnecessary items from your trunk or interior.
  • Roll down the windows or use vents for fresh air rather than running the AC.
  • Use cruise control when possible.
  • Plan errands accordingly to avoid extra mileage.
  • Be aware of gas prices on your regular routes to find the cheapest prices. Don’t travel across town to save a couple dollars when you will cancel it out with the extra miles. Big-box companies with memberships, such as Sam’s Club, Costco, etc., will usually have the best deals on gas.
  • Fill tank during cool hours to avoid evaporation, and also early in the day.
  • Be sure to service your engine regularly and stay up to date on all your suggested car repairs.

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