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Is Your A/C Ready for Summer Temps?

Young businessman in the car try to cool himself on the hot sunny day

Warm weather has arrived in Minnesota and now is the time people are starting to crank their vehicle’s air conditioning up high!  Make sure your air conditioning is running at its peak performance by getting an air conditioning check done on your vehicle. You don’t want to be stuck in a hot car sitting in traffic one day because your air conditioning failed!  Here is what our ASE certified technicians will check over at TGK Automotive when you receive this service.


TGK Automotive’s Air Conditioning Check Includes:


  • Checking all belts, hoses, and seals to make sure they are not leaking or showing any signs of cracks or damages.
  • Making sure that the A/C system is running properly and that it is at its peak performance.
  • Evacuating the refrigerant out of the A/C system to see if it is low on refrigerant.
  • We will do a courtesy seasonal check-up on your vehicle as well.


Schedule your air conditioning check today to make sure vehicle is ready for the summer heat!  Check out our special offers on our website for a coupon by clicking here.


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