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Shopping for Vehicles for a Teen

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If you’re starting to think about getting a vehicle for your teen, consider these points. New drivers need safe, reliable and affordable transportation. Here’s a quick summary of what you should look for when shopping for your teen’s first car.

  • Vehicle type: Newer sedans make good choices for teens. Sports cars or other high-performance vehicles may tempt some teens to speed or drive recklessly. Pick-up trucks and SUVs can also be bad choices due to their clumsy handling and higher rate of rollover crashes.
  • Safety features: Look for modern safety features such as antilock braking systems (ABS), daytime running lights, electronic stability control, airbags and adjustable/lockable head restraints.
  • Affordability: A new car may be the most desirable option, but not within your budget. A certified used car might offer similar peace of mind at a lower price. Researching insurance costs and fuel mileage before selecting a vehicle can help keep down ownership costs.
  • Reliability: Look for a warranty, check all maintenance and repair histories, have a trusted repair shop conduct a pre-purchase inspection and avoid vehicles with excessive mileage.
  • Familiarity: Buy a vehicle similar in weight, power and size to what your teen uses for practice driving – or plan extra practice hours with the new vehicle.

AAA can help you buy a car with the AAA Auto Buying Service, discounts on CarFax vehicle history reports and Approved Auto Repair shops that can conduct a pre-purchase inspection.

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For more information about this or other topics visit the reference site on the AAA website. Visit our blog often for more car care tips. TGK Automotive offers bimonthly workshops that could be helpful for your teen to learn the basics. For more information about this or other services we offer visit us at or to schedule service on your vehicle contact an associate at one of our locations today.

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