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What to Do If You Find Your Car Doors and Windows Frozen

The aftermath of a fierce winter storm, silver car encased in icicles

Minnesota winters are known for huge swings in temperature. One day it may be a balmy 32 degrees while the next day plunges to the sub-zero range. The condensation that builds-up on the warmer days could mean ice when it freezes.


Frozen Car Doors


You can prevent your door from freezing shut by spraying the door frame with spray cooking lubricant like Pam.


If you have not treated the doors and find them frozen shut, try these steps to unfreeze them:

First, try all of the doors (including the hatch) to find the one least frozen. Do not try to force a frozen door open. This can damage the seal around the door.


Next, while wearing gloves, hit the ice with the palms of your hands, and remove the ice as it breaks.


If this method does not work, you can use a hair dryer to melt the ice.


Frozen Windows


When you push the button to roll down your power window and it does not go down, do not keep pushing the button. The window is likely frozen to the weather strip on the outside of the car. If you keep trying to roll the window down, you can damage the window motor, and this could be expensive to repair.


The best thing to do is to insert a credit card or plastic comb between the window and the strip. This should help to break up the ice. Remove the ice as you go.

If you can, wait until the car interior warms up. The ice should then melt shortly.


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