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Cold Weather Car Care

Living in Minnesota one must expect below freezing temperatures.  Don’t let the cold weather slow you down!  Here are some tips to keep your vehicle running this winter.
1.  Make sure to fill up your tank!  Filling up your gas tank prevents your fuel from freezing and it stops the flammable vapor from condensing or turning into crystals.
2.  Check your tire pressure!  Tires can loose about 1 pound of pressure per square inch for every 10 degrees the temperature decreases.  Also, make sure you have adequate tread on you tires!
3.  Leave your vehicle in the garage.  Motor oil may become thick and more difficult for your engine to work with.
4.  Add some antifreeze!  The water that keeps your engine from overheating can freeze and antifreeze will lower the freezing point of the coolant.
5.  Take care of your battery or replace it.  The average life span of your battery in a cold climate is about three to five years.  Schedule your appointment today to have your battery checked.
6.   Try an engine block heater.  If you don’t have a garage a small heater block helps keep oil warm and helps the heater pick up the pace.
Schedule your appointment today at one of our shops if you have an old battery or have any concerns about your tires. We have been proudly servicing the Twin Cities for over 16 years with shops in Hugo, MN and Maplewood MN.
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