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Do You Know These Tips for Safe Driving in Fog?


Fog is one of the hardest challenges drivers can face on the road, particularly because most drivers lack experience driving through it. We’ve scoured the web to provide you with a couple of tips for driving through fog that every driver should know.


Seasons in the Twin Cities can be unpredictable. Sometimes it can feel like spring in March and April, with warm temperatures. The next day an ice storm can leave the Twin Cities looking like an ice rink for days. This mix of alternating warm and cold weather also produces fog, which can be difficult to drive in unless you know what you are doing.


Know Your Lights

One of the biggest mistakes a driver in fog can make is to try and use their high beams. The fog will reflect much of the light put out by these lights right back at you, reducing your visibility even more. Your best bet is to use fog lights, if your car is equipped with them. Your second option should be low beam headlights. Depending on the type of fog you can also use them in conjunction with each other.


Pro tip: Most cars in the United States come equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), these are great for helping other oncoming cars see you but don’t always illuminate your tail lights. If this is true with your vehicle, AAA suggests that you may need to manually turn on your headlights, so your tail lights will also be on, allowing those behind you to see you better.


Slow Down

This should be just common sense, when visibility is reduced so is our ability to recognize potential road hazards. Fog can actually cause a visual illusion and make it look like you’re moving slower than you actually are. Without reference points like buildings, trees or other objects, you’ll have a hard time gauging just how fast you’re going.


It is also worth mentioning that, if fog is really bad, and the visibility of the road in front of you is very limited, there is no shame in simply pulling over. When doing so, slowly decelerate using you brakes, put on your indicator and steer off the roadway as far as safely possible. And be sure to activate your emergency flashers to help increase your visibility to other drivers.


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