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Dont’ Let Common Transmission Problems Leave You Stranded


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Recently automatic transmissions have become more complicated and varied in design. The majority of the time you’ll notice problems with your transmission in the form of odd shifting habits. The most common transmission problems include harsh shifts, hanging shifts or not shifting.


Changing your automatic transmission fluid regularly is the best way to minimize this wear and keep things working like they should be.


Harsh shifting can be caused by excessively high transmission line pressure, sticking control valves or sometimes a low transmission fluid level. High pressures and sticking valves usually come from gummed up control surfaces or gunk in your transmission. This can often be remedied by a transmission fluid flush and a new filter if your transmission is so equipped. A leaky transmission can be identified by a low fluid level on the dipstick or fluid drips under your vehicle.


Hanging shifts means that your transmission is shifting too late allowing your engine to over-rev.  This can be caused due to improper adjustments of linkages on older transmissions, failed sensors on new cars or a clogged transmission line or control valve.  Your transmission decides when to shift based on inputs usually from your vehicle’s speed, your engine’s RPM, and your throttle position.


Transmission doesn’t shift at all. If this is the case with your vehicle, it is best to have your transmission inspected and refurbished by a professional transmission shop.




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