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Drive Greener

Gas prices are on the rise again in Minnesota.  Here are a few tricks on how you can raise your fuel economy and put money back into your pocket.

1.) Easy on the gas pedal – Avoid fast starts and slamming on your brakes, this kills your fuel economy.

2.) Get rid of extra baggage – The more weight in your vehicle the worse your fuel economy is.  Make sure to get rid of extra items like golf clubs or sandbags.

3.) Change air filter – Changing your air filters helps remove particles in the air caused by your vehicle’s ventilation system. Over time your filter can become clogged removing fewer particles from the air reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner. Make sure to get yours changed every 15,000 miles, or sooner depending on if you drive on dirt roads,  to improve your air conditioning and increase fuel efficiency.

4.) Tune-up – Make sure you are getting regular oil changes and tire rotations. A smooth running engine will pump out fewer emissions and rotating your tires will make your tires last longer.

5.) Tire inflation – Make sure your tires are not over or under inflated to help increase your vehicles fuel economy.

6.) Plan your trip – Try carpooling with friends or co-workers. Make sure to plan your trips before you go so you don’t get lost.


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