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Driver Distractions That Can End in a Citation

The past week the state of Minnesota has been doing a distracted driving crackdown.  In three days, out of the ten day crackdown, police have given out 131 citations.  Texting is illegal in the state of Minnesota, but check out what else you can get a citation for doing while driving that you might not know.


If an officer thinks that you are being a road hazard they could give you a citation for one of these driver distractions:

  • Talking on cell phones
  • Eating/drinking
  • Dealing with rowdy passengers
  • Grooming
  • Daydreaming/taking mind off driving;
  • Reaching for items
  • Adjusting radio, music, GPS, or vehicle controls

Next time your on the road be cautious of what you are doing and pay attention to the road at all times.   Click here for some tips to manage distractions while driving.  If you would like to read the whole article about the statewide distracted driving crackdown click here.

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