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Five Reasons Your Check Engine Light Might Be On

Is your check engine light on in your vehicle?  If so, you should make sure to get your vehicle in to an automotive repair shop as soon as possible!  Here at TGK Automotive in the Saint Paul area we have the top scan tools for diagnosing problems with your vehicle.  When your engine light comes on it means that your vehicle is not working properly.  Ignoring the check engine light could result in more costly repairs.  Here are a couple things that could be wrong with your vehicle if the check engine light is on.10259412_10152775053897004_562011518830503557_n

Oxygen Sensor:  A faulty oxygen sensor can decrease your gas mileage and increase emissions.  Oxygen sensors can fail because it can get covered in oil ash, which reduces the ability to change the oxygen and fuel mixture.  Typically most vehicles will have between two or four oxygen sensors and getting your vehicle scanned at one of our shops can tell you which one needs to be replaced.

Gas Cap:  Either your gas cap was not tightened properly or there is a crack in it, which throws the whole fuel system off.  This also causes an increase in emissions and decreases your gas mileage.

Spark Plugs and Wires:  Spark plugs get old over time and typically last about 100,000 on newer vehicles.  When a spark plug is bad they can misfire and you can feel a jolt in your vehicles acceleration.  Spark plugs are a cheap and easy fix that will help improve the performance of your vehicle.

Mass Airflow Sensor:  This sensor can fail because of a improperly installed air filter or an air filter that has never been changed.  The air filter should be changed at least once a year.  Having a faulty mass airflow sensor can lead to a decrease in gas mileage and your vehicle stalling. 

Catalytic Convertor:  If your catalytic convertor fails, it will stop converting carbon monoxide in to less harmful emissions.  The only reason this fails is if you do not do regular maintenance on your vehicle, such as repairing a faulty oxygen sensor or replacing bad spark plugs.  If the converter fails completely your vehicle will stop running.

Avoid a bigger repair bill and make sure to get your vehicle into a shop right away if your check engine turns on.  Call and schedule your appointment today to have one of our ASE certified mechanics scan your vehicle to find out what the problem is.

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