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Go Green This Spring!

Ahhhh, spring. It’s the time when things start to go from gray to green. The snow starts to melt, the grass starts to grow again, and everything feels brighter and cleaner. Well, almost everything. In the US roughly 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from cars. Don’t let the name fool you though, greenhouse gases aren’t part of the new “Going Green” movement that is sweeping the nation. In fact, we are trying to prevent excessive emission of greenhouse gases. Listed below are just a few ways that you can help keep our world green this spring.

  1. Use “green” driving best practices. Two of these practices include driving the speed limit, trying not to make sudden starts or stops, and trying to accomplish all your errands in one trip instead of making multiple trips. All of these tips can help improve your fuel economy. By following these tips it can also help you become a more focused and safer driver.
  2. Stay up to date. By maintaining regular tune-ups, oil changes, proper tire inflation, and having clean air filters can help you burn less gas, pollute less, and help prevent future car trouble. If every car-owning American kept their tires properly inflated we could save around 2 billion gallons of gas each year.
  3. Car pooling! Find some coworkers, neighbors, or fellow students who live near you and carpool together. It might be a little awkward at first, but you could end up making some great friends in the end!
  4. Drive part of the way. Try driving part of the way to work or school and then either walking, riding a bike, or hoping onto public transit to help you save gas and the environment.
  5. Turn down the AC! Using your air conditioning takes a lot of energy. Try to reduce it by parking in the shade, rolling your windows down, try using an electric or solar fan, or use a reflective windshield shade to help keep your car cooler in the upcoming summer months.

These are only a few ways that can help make our world a greener place. Together we

can make sure this spring will be a green one!