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Hot Weather Can Ruin Your Car Battery

Minnesota’s summers can reach extremely high temperatures, and it can destroy your vehicle’s battery.    We usually worry about the cold winters destroying our vehicle’s battery.  However, the heat can be even more damaging.   Here a few tips to help you take care of your battery to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

  • Be sure the electrical system is charging at the correct rate; overcharging can damage a battery as quickly as undercharging.
  • If your battery is the type that needs to be topped off, check it regularly, especially in hot weather.  Add distilled water when necessary.
  •  Always replace a battery with one that’s rated at least as high as the one originally specified.
  • Keep the top of the battery clean. Dirt becomes a conductor, which drains battery power. Further, as corrosion accumulates on battery terminals it becomes an insulator, inhibiting current flow.

Where-to-recycle-car-batteries-Appleton-WIimagesHere at TGK Automotive we recommend that your battery be tested and replaced periodically to avoid being stuck somewhere.  Car batteries typically need to be replaced every five years. If you need a new battery or would like to get yours tested call one of our shops today to schedule an appointment.

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