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How Important is Your Vehicle’s Fuel?

Gas prices are always fluctuating, and most of the time it seems like they are going up. Even though we all want to save money any way that we can, it is important to keep in mind what kind of fuel your vehicle needs to function properly.

There are different requirements for fuel depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. Some require regular unleaded, some unleaded plus, and some premium unleaded. There are also some vehicles that are categorized as “premium-recommended”, which means that it is okay to try regular gasoline. Just remember if your care is “required” or “recommended” and follow the manual you are provided.

If your car is listed as “premium-required” and you use regular gasoline, there are some possible consequences on that affect your vehicle. This will mainly affect engine performance, and you may notice your car driving a little rougher than usual. Your car will also get better gas mileage when using the premium unleaded as opposed to regular unleaded gasoline. However, some people will argue that these affects are worth saving the money when filling up their tank.

Some people will also say that occasionally filling your regular tank up with premium gas will help clean your motor due to the higher octane level and more additives in the gasoline. However, if your engine is working properly and regular unleaded, there are no extraordinary benefits to occasionally using premium.

In general, remember to read your owner’s manual and follow the guidelines regarding fuel requirements. Taking care of your vehicle is important and can help save you time and money!

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