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How Often Should you get a Transmission Flush?

By following your vehicle’s recommended routine maintenance, your vehicle should last a very long time without having to replace any major components.  It is very important not to wait till you notice serious problems with your transmission in order to get a transmission flush! It will save you a lot of money in the long run by changing your transmission fluid routinely.

Like the oil in your engine, the transmission fluid gets dirty and breaks down over time.  Here at TGK Automotive, we use a special machine to remove the old transmission fluid from your vehicle.  It also pushes all contaminants and sludge out with a special solution that runs through all the lines to clean the system.  Once the transmission system is all cleaned out we fill up the system with new transmission fluid.

At TGK Automotive we recommend to get a transmission flush every 30,000 miles, but no longer then every 50,000 miles.  The reason we recommend to change it every 30,000 miles is to play it safe and because the cost of flush is a lot less expensive than a new transmission.  Getting a transmission flush will make your vehicle last longer and keep it running smoothly.

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