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How to Check Your Tire Pressure in 5 Easy Steps

Checking and maintaining your tire pressure is a very simple task that can make a big difference in your vehicles performance.  Having the correct tire pressure can increase your fuel economy and will give you a safer more comfortable ride.

Here are 5 easy steps on how to check your tire pressure!

1. Make sure you have a good tire pressure gauge and that your tires are cold before you check the pressure.  This means the tires should not have been driven on for at least three hours.

2. Check the owners manual or the inside of the drivers door to find the right PSI for your tires.  Make sure to check what the PSI is for both the front and back tires, as they might be different.

3. Remove the valve stem and place the gauge evenly onto it.  This will stop the flow of air and the gauge will read what PSI your tires are at.

4. If not the adequate amount of tire pressure, make sure to add more air.  Most gas stations will have free or cheap filling stations.

5. Don’t forget to put the valve stem cap back on!

If you notice that a certain tire is not staying filled up and keeps going flat, you might have a leak or hole in the tire.   At TGK Automotive, an automotive repair shop in Maplewood and Hugo, we repair tires.  Call and schedule your appointment today if you are having problems with one of your tires.

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