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How to Check Your Vehicle’s Oil Level

Having enough clean oil in your vehicle’s engine is extremely important and will make your vehicle last longer if checked and changed routinely.  Oil lubricates parts of the engine, reduces heat, absorbs unwanted dust and water, and neutralizes acid.  If the oil level is low or the oil is too dirty, your engine can be seriously damaged.

To prevent your engine from getting damaged here is how to check your oil yourself.

1.  Pull Out Dipstick – Wait at least ten minutes or till the engine is cold and then check the oil by pulling out the dipstick.  After you have pulled out the dipstick, use a lint-free rag and wipe it off.

2. Place Dipstick Back in to the Pipe – Take the clean dipstick and place it back in to the pipe.  If the dipstick gets stuck, take it out and place it back in.

3. Check the Oil – Pull the dipstick out and look at the end to see where the film of oil it is to determine if you need to add more oil  If you need to add more oil, do not add oil back into the small tube where the dipstick came from.  Instead look for a screw-off cap on top of the largest part of the engine.

4.  Place the Dipstick Back – After you place the dipstick back in you are good to go!


At TGK Automotive we recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles to keep your car running smoothly.  Call and schedule your oil change today or to have your fluids checked at one of our locations!  Also, make sure to check out how you can get oil changes for life with our shops by clicking here.

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