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How to Handle Your Car on Ice

Not all cars drive alike. And in demanding winter weather, knowing how to handle your vehicle is critical, says the AAA.


Being comfortable with the different winter-weather capabilities of a vehicle can mean the difference between a safe trip and serious trouble.


Driving on ice and snow tests the mettle of any driver. Sharpening your skill in managing the brake, accelerator and steering wheel is critical for safe winter driving, according to AAA.


At Intersections

  • Even two inches of snow can turn intersections into crash zones. Slow down before approaching an intersection. Scan left and right for pedestrians and cars on cross streets. If you’re having trouble stopping, they probably will, too.
  • Prepare for drivers sliding into intersections from the side, and get ready to make a decision: Can you proceed safely through the intersection, or should you stop to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle?
  • After a stop, press the accelerator slowly to get going again. With manual transmission, start in second gear to reduce wheel spin. If you have an automatic equipped with second-gear start, use it.

Rounding Curves

  • To maintain control, you must reduce your speed before you enter an icy curve. Any sudden acceleration or deceleration while you’re turning will send you into a skid.

Practice driving on ice in a big, empty parking lot after the first storm. If you keep it slow and smooth, you can drive safely this winter and increase your confidence on ice.




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