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How To Tell If You Need New Tires

With winter right around the corner, now is the time to get in and make sure your tires are road ready!  Right now our tires are now on sale at both our TGK Automotive shops.  We offer many different brands and types of tires.   Here are a couple warning signs that you may need to replace your tires before the snow falls.

Tread Depth – Not having enough tread on your tires can be extremely dangerous.  It affects how fast you stop and the control of your vehicle.  Having adequate tread will help you keep control of your vehicle in the snow and slush.  To measure the tread left on your tires try the penny test.

Tire Wear Indicators – Most of the newer tires now have tire wear indicator bars that let you know when the tread is getting low.  These are small raised “bars” are located in the deepest part of the tread.   Once the tread depth is worn down to the wear bar, the tire is no longer safe. 

Tire Bulges – If the outside of the tire begins to weaken, you may notice bulges on the outer side of the tire.  Having a weak spot in your tire can cause a blow out.  It is very important to have your tires changes if you notice any bulges in order to avoid an accident.
Your vehicle’s tires are extremely important to your safety and if kept in good working order can save you money in the long run.  Call and schedule your appointment today at one of our TGK Automotive locations to get your tires examined or for any routine maintenance.

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