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How to Avoid a Dead Battery!

It is a bigger inconvenience to have your vehicle towed if your battery ends up dying while your driving.  Here are some tips on how to avoid being stranded on the side of the road with a dead battery.

Car Doesn’t Start – If your vehicle is not starting because of a dead battery that is the most obvious sign that your battery is no good.

Battery Testing – As part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance you should be getting the battery tested.  Our ASE certified technicians at TGK Automotive can hook a battery tester to your car and check the batteries condition to see if it needs to be replaced or not.

Battery Lifespan – A car battery typically will last about four years.  Around the four year mark you want to replace your battery or else your at risk for being stranded alongside the road. Typically, other than your car dying, there are no warning signs that your battery is going to die.

Bad Battery – You can check your battery yourself to see if there is any build up around the terminals.  Also, pay attention to what it smells like.  If the battery smells like rotton eggs it is probably overheating.

Eliminate the hassle of having to have your vehicle towed or having to dig out your jumper cables by scheduling because your vehicle won’t start by doing a proactive check of your battery and charging system regularly or every time you have services performed on your vehicle. If you find your battery isn’t doing so hot you can replace it at your convenience rather than waiting until you have to scramble to find a ride to work. If your battery does end up dying and your stranded, we do offer towing at TGK Automotive.

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