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How Washing Your Car Can Save You Money

It’s finally springtime here in the Twin Cities and now its time for some spring cleaning!  However, don’t forget to wash your car.

It is very important to wash your car after a harsh winter.  The salt from the roads accumulates underneath and on the outside of your vehicle.  If you do not take care of your vehicle and wash it, you could be spending a lot more in repairs.

When washing your vehicle make sure you wash the outside, underneath, and the wheel walls to get the salt off.  By washing these specific spots it helps prevent rotting or corrosion that can affect the exhaust, muffler, coil springs, and the frame.  We do not recommend that you use dish soap to wash your vehicle, if you are doing it yourself.  Also, try to wash your car from top to bottom to prevent dirt from going upward.


By spending $10 to wash your car and get all the salt off from winter, you are going to save money on repairs in the future.  Eventually those parts will need replacing from normal wear and tear, but they will last a lot longer if they are taken care of.

If you notice your muffler or exhaust getting louder make sure to schedule and appointment right away to get it looked at and fixed before the problem gets worse, it could cost you more money if you wait.

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