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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Spring?

8446-close-up-of-a-car-tire-pv (2)Spring has finally arrived!  More than likely, your vehicle could use some help after a long winter. Now is the time to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly for spring. Here are a few tips on how to get your vehicle ready.

Wash Your Car – Remove the salt and dirt from the undercarriage of your vehicle to prevent rust.

Replace Wiper Blades – The harsh winter can destroy your wiper blades- leaving them dry and cracked. With spring showers coming make sure you prepare with a new set of wiper blades. Click here for a few tips on when you should change your vehicle’s wiper blades..

Check Tire Pressure – In hot weather, if your tires are not properly inflated they are more likely to blow out. Having properly inflated tires increases your gas mileage and is important for your safety. Get your tires checked by one of the professionals at TGK Automotive today.

Get a Tune-up – Each year we recommend you get a tune-up to ensure your vehicle’s peak performance. This can also help raise your fuel efficiency!

Check Coolant – The warmer it gets outside the harder your cooling system has to work. Get your coolant checked by one of our professionals so your vehicle does not over heat. TGK Automotive recommends you flush and refill the cooling system every other year.

Change Your Air Filter – An inexpensive way to raise your fuel economy is to change your air filter. Changing your air filter lets your engine breath and increases your fuel economy.


If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call one of the three TGK Automotive locations!  Make sure to schedule your appointment today to make sure that your vehicle is ready for spring!


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