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Maximize the Life of Your Vehicle’s Brakes

Your vehicle is a complex system and your brakes should be a high priority to protect your safety.  Here at TGK Automotive, an automotive repair shop in Maplewood and Hugo, MN, one of our many services include brake repair.  Here is a couple quick tips to help maximize your vehicle’s brake life.

How to save your brakes:

1. Don’t “ride” the brakes!  Slow down at a moderate pace and then release the brake to cool, instead of riding the brakes and overheating them.

2.  Try to downshift, if possible, to place some of the braking on the engine instead of the brakes.  This does not harm your engine, but only do this when weather conditions are good.  Ice, snow, or rain can cause your car to skid if downshifting.

3.  Keep your brakes and wheels clean by using a good wheel cleaner.   Clean brakes have better performance and will keep temperatures down.

Over time your brake pads will wear down and will need replacing.  Be aware of the warning signs that your brakes may need replacing, as the braking system is the most important component of your safety.  Call today to schedule an appointment to have your brakes checked or to have them replaced before it causes more damage to your vehicle.

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