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Meet Matt Newpower of TGK Automotive – Bloomington Shop Co-owner and Manager

Matt Newpower PP graphicWhen TGK Automotive added its sixth shop in the Twin Cities last week, the 10-year old auto repair company also added Matt Newpower as the co-owner and day-to-day shop manager for the newest location in Bloomington. The addition of Matt was in some ways, a homecoming for TGK Automotive founders Troy and Alana Kaplan and Matt and his wife Nicole. Nicole and Alana Kaplan have been friends since they were children, and the opportunity for their families to co-own an auto repair shop “is a dream come true!”


Matt has been in the automotive industry since 2002 and an auto repair shop manager for the last decade. He managed local shops for a national auto repair company for more than a decade and his shop was ranked in the top 10 nationally for quite some time.


“Nicole and I have watched Troy and Alana build TGK Automotive from the start to what it is today,” says Matt. “They strive to provide quality service for their customers and they always put their customers first. This aligns with my beliefs and is the same approach I have always taken when managing an auto repair shop. Everyone who has ever worked for me knows that I believe in a ‘customer-first’ approach.”


Matt is looking forward to being an owner and manager of a shop and “being the face of my own business without any corporate oversight that may put the dollar in front of taking care of the customer and employees.”


Matt was born in St. Paul to Don and Margie Newpower. He currently lives in White Bear Lake with his wife Nicole and their two dogs Cody (Lab) and Harrison (German Shepherd).


In his free time Matt is a passionate waterfowl hunter with wife Nicole. They travel all over the U.S. and Canada throughout the year pursuing their passion. He also enjoys hunting big whitetail deer in the Midwest and walleye fishing both on open water and on the ice.