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The Horror of Potholes

Some potholes are just little cracks. And some could swallow an Escalade. Which is kind of the point: potholes grow bigger the longer they are left unfixed. They are almo


7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

  No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you’ve probably done things like: Shift into drive while the car is still rolling backward. Ride the brakes on steep


5 Myths about All-Season and Winter Tires

Tires might arguably be the most important components on a vehicle. They’re responsible, at least partially, for making vehicles move, stop, and steer. Here’s an engi


Meet Matt Newpower of TGK Automotive – Bloomington Shop Co-owner and Manager

When TGK Automotive added its sixth shop in the Twin Cities last week, the 10-year old auto repair company also added Matt Newpower as the co-owner and day-to-day shop ma


8 Service Items that are Often Overlooked

Let’s talk about automotive service schedules and particularly, the scheduled services that are sometimes forgotten. We like to refer to this as Unperformed Mainten


Six Tips on Finding A Good Auto Repair Shop

The non-profit Car Care Council recommends asking six simple questions to help identify the right auto repair shop to properly care for one of your most valuable assets,