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What to do if Trapped in Your Car During a Blizzard

Given the amount of long stretches of highway, rural roads and backwoods byways in Minnesota, it’s always smart to learn survival techniques if caught in blizzard condi


Does the Brand of Gas I Use Actually Matter?

Yes, it does matter, because some brands contain more detergent additives that can prevent carbon deposits from forming inside your engine.   These are the so-called


Water Pumps: What You Need to Know

The water pump, often referred to as the coolant pump, circulates liquid coolant through the radiator and engine cooling system, and is powered by the engine itself. It e


Why Is My Muffler Rattling?

A loose bracket, rubber hanger or connector, or one that is badly corroded, can allow a muffler to rattle when you accelerate or drive on bumpy roads, or even when the ca


Do I Need to Replace More Than One Tire at a Time?

Unlike the old days, when a pair of “snow tires” would be mounted to the drive wheels only for winter use, today we recognize that a vehicle should have four


Why Are My Brakes Squealing?

If you’re lucky, the squealing (or squeaking) noise that your brakes make when you first drive your car in the morning, particularly after rain or snow, is just sur