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Prevent Your Vehicle From Getting Broken Into

Don’t make your vehicle an easy target for thieves in the Twin Cities Area.  There are many cases where someone has come back to their vehicle with a broken windshield and valuable items stolen from it.   Here are a few tips to prevent thieves from choosing your vehicle.

1. Put your valuable items in your trunk so it is completely out of view.  Even if it is hidden in a gym bag or grocery bag, it could look interesting to the thief.  It could look interesting to the even it is hidden in a grocery bag or gym bag.

2. Many break-ins are usually attempts to steal a vehicle.  Try and deter the thief by using petal locks, which makes it harder for them to steal your vehicle.

3. Don’t leave your GPS mounted to the windshield.  Put your GPS into your trunk with your other valuable belongings.

4. Make sure to put your valuables in your trunk before you park at your destination.  This way nobody can see what your hiding and where you are hiding it.

5. Thieves are not just looking for valuable items, but for hints that there are valuables in your vehicle.  This could be an Apple phone charger or a laptop case.  It is important to put everything out of view you think could lead to a thief wanting to break into your vehicle.

6. Park in a well trafficked area that is well lit at night.

7. Have an alarm installed in your vehicle.  Thieves are less likely to try to brake-in your vehicle if they see a alarm sticker and hear the alarm go off.

Unfortunately, nobody can completely stop car theft or brake-ins, but these simple tips can help you prevent it from happening from you.  If you would like an alarm system installed in your vehicle today or have any questions please give us a call at one of our locations.

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