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Problems to Look For When Checking Your Tires

Tires will wear faster if your vehicle’s routine maintenance is not kept up. There are many components that can affect how your tires wear, including the suspension system and tire alignment.

Here are some problems to look for when checking your tires:

Under Inflated – This causes your tires to wear on the edges and not in the middle.  This happens because the low air pressure causes the edges to sag and the middle section to rise.

Over Inflated – Having too much air pressure makes only the middle of the tire touch the road and not the edges. Therefore, your tires will wear down sooner in the middle of the tire.

Cupping – This is where your tire wears in random places.  This could mean that your shocks or ball joints need to be replaced or you need a wheel balance.  

One Sided Wearing – Wear on one side of the tire typically occurs when the wheels are out of alignment.

Raised Tread – This may be caused by a separated radial belt inside the tire.

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