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Quick Maintenance Inspection You Can Do Yourself

To ensure your vehicle is in good working condition, one must make sure they are doing the proper routine maintenance.  At least once a month do a quick maintenance inspection yourself by following these simple steps from TGK Automotive!

1. Inspect the Tires – Check to make sure that the tires are not flat and have enough tread left, that way you know if you need to have them replaced or looked at by a mechanic.  To measure the tread depth of your tires use a coin.  Click here to see how it works.

2. Check the Tire Pressure – After inspecting the tires, make sure to check the tire pressure to determine if they are over or under inflated.  You will need a tire gauge to check the pressure.

3. Look at the Suspension – While checking your tires, make sure to look over the vehicle’s suspension system.  If the suspension system is damaged your tires could tilt towards or away from the vehicle.  You will possibly need an alignment if your tires are tilting.

4. Check the Engine Oil Level – To expand the life of your vehicle, make sure that you are getting regular oil changes and making sure there is enough oil in your vehicle.  Not having enough oil can ruin your engine!  Open the hood of the vehicle and check the dipstick that says “oil” or “engine oil”.  Add oil if needed.

After doing a vehicle inspection yourself and you find tan issue with your tires or fluid levels, make sure to get your vehicle into a repair shop right away.  Here at TGK Automotive, in the Twin Cities area, we have certified ASE mechanics that can help take care of you!

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