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Are You Following These Car Seat Safety Tips?

Portrait of a beautiful baby girl sitting on a car seat and smiling

Keeping your child safe while they are in your vehicle is hugely important. But do you know all of the regulations and laws in the state of Minnesota that govern child safety in vehicles. Here are some reminders so you can be sure that your child is staying safe while on the road!


  • Be sure all installation instructions are followed and that safety seats are installed properly for correct usage.
  • Double check that safety seats are secured and that everything is tightened in place. The seat should not shift more than one inch side-to-side or forward.
  • Make sure harnesses and straps are fitted correctly and are tight enough around your child.
  • Follow guidelines to the type of car seat that your child should be in according to their age, height, and weight.


Types of Safety Seats
Rear-Facing Seat: children under 1 year old should ride in a rear-facing seat. These seats are sometimes referred to as “infant only” and will only be functional if facing the correct direction. Even if your child is 1 year old but hasn’t reached the weight or height limit or a rear-facing safety seat, keep them in this type of seat until they do.
Forward-Facing Seat: After your child has exceeded the limits of a rear-facing seat, they will transition into a front-facing seat. These seats have a harness and will work for children up to 7 years old.
Booster Seat: Once the height or weight limits are reached for a forward-facing seat, your child should move to a booster seat. This seat should still be in the backseat of the vehicle, and is safe for children until they are big enough to fit in to a seat belt. Sometimes this may be until they are 12 years old.
Seat Belt: For a child to sit in a seat belt, it should fit snugly across the upper thighs, and the shoulder belt should lie across the chest (not neck or face). Your child should sit in the back seat of your car as long as possible, and at least until they are 13 years of age.

TGK Automotive promotes safe and smart driving! Remember to always buckle up, and follow regulations to keep you and your passengers safe at all times!


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