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Reducing Distractions for Teen Drivers

ImageTeen drivers are at a much higher risk of accidents than adults. Ensure your teenager stays safe by following these tips to reduce distractions while driving. Set clear expectations to ensure your child has as few distractions as possible.

  • Limit teen passengers
  • Cell phones are for emergencies only
  • Adjust the radio before you start driving
  • Leave your emotions at the door
  • Avoid eating, reading maps, operating a GPS, and anything else that distracts your teen from focusing on the road
  • Concentrating on driving is your first priority

For more information about this or other topics visit the the AAA website where this information was obtained. Visit our blog often for more car care tips. TGK Automotive offers bimonthly workshops that could be helpful for your teen to learn the basics. For more information about this or other services we offer visit us at or to schedule service on your vehicle contact an associate at one of our locations today.

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