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Tips to Help When Practicing with Teen Drivers

ImageThe school year is beginning and as it progresses your teenager may be working towards obtaining their driver’s license. We have compiled some tips to help you when practicing with your young drivers to ensure their safety when driving. We feel this is very important since your teen is more than twice as likely to die in a car accident than all other potential methods combined.

Practice, practice, practice – the more situations your child sees while with you in the car the more prepared they will be when they must face these challenges on their own.

With whom – teens should practice driving with only a licensed adult in the vehicle to avoid distractions and focus on the information being provided to them.

What should be practiced – your teen should become familiar with their vehicle adjusting mirrors, adjusting seats, and learning where everything is located. Next start with basic driving skills, such as turning, parking, and backing up. Gradually progress to more difficult tasks such as driving at night and on freeways.

When – both you and your teen should be in good moods and not feel rushed. Focus on lengths that are long enough to accomplish goals but short enough to avoid fatigue and frustration. Keep the length of time between sessions short so your teen can stay keen on the skills they are learning.

Where – start out away from traffic and high-speed areas. A large empty parking lot and neighborhoods are a good place to start. Gradually increase obstacles such as speed, traffic, and night driving.

For more information about this or other topics visit the reference site on the AAA website. Visit our blog often for more car care tips. TGK Automotive offers workshops every other month that could be helpful for your teen to learn the basics. For more information about this or other services we offer visit us at or to schedule service on your vehicle contact an associate at one of our locations today.

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