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Student Safety Tips When Heading Back to School

The Start of a new year is always an exciting new time. It is the perfect time to make a change in your life; to start eating healthy, visiting loved ones more, or maybe to finally stop smoking. Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be we welcome in the New Year full of changes. Well, we welcome most changes. Now is the time for college students to start their long dreadful drives back to campuses all across America. We want to give you a few tip on how to properly inspect your car before making that journey.

  1. Check your headlights! Plastic headlights can get foggy over time and may reduce your headlight strength. The fix: there are two solutions that are the most common. First, you can buy new plastic covers for your headlights, or you can try to clean them. One way to clean your headlights is to use toothpaste. What you would do is squeeze some toothpaste on an old rag, start scrubbing your headlight, and then rinse it off with water.
  2. Check to make sure your heater is working efficiently! Turn your heat on full blast and let it warm up. If you feel your heat isn’t getting as warm as is should then make an appointment to get it checked out.
  3. Check your tire pressure! The last thing you are going to want in the middle of January is a flat tire. Check your tire pressure and fill it with air until you have reached the recommended pressure level. You can usually find the recommended level on a sticker on the driver’s side doorjamb, or in the owner’s manual.
  4. Check your oil levels. If your oil is low or dirty get your car an appointment to get an oil change before driving long distances. A long road trip can put extra stress on your motor. Oil is a very important part of keeping your car running efficiently!
  5. Lastly, make sure you have an emergency kit packed. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere in January. Some ideas for an emergency kit would be an up-to-date map, first aid kit, extra blankets/coats, a candle and matches, and a flashlight. These are just suggestions, so feel free to put whatever you think is necessary in your own personalized emergency kit!

Hope these easy tips help as you being to prepare for your journey back to school. All of us here at TGK Auto wish you the best of luck this upcoming semester. You got it!