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Suspension System Repair in St. Paul

Here at TGK Automotive, we offer a variety of services to help maintain your vehicle. One of these services is suspension system maintenance and repair.suspension_diagram_large

Your suspension system consists of a few different parts: springs, shock absorbers or struts and sway bars. First the springs, either the coil spring or the leaf spring, control the ride height of the vehicle. Then there are shocks or struts, which absorb the road conditions (such as bumps, noise, and vibrations) and keep the tires on the road surface. The steering system and tires can also be considered part of the suspension system.

The suspension system connects your vehicle to the wheels and therefore allows your vehicle to move. It also determines how your car is held up, at what height and to what strength. Because of these important functions, a good suspension system is vital to the functionality of your vehicle.

If you think your suspension system needs work, schedule an appointment at either of our Twin Cities today! TGK Automotive takes pride in doing business the right way, the first time, so do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.


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