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Thinking About Purchasing A Used Vehicle? Make Sure To Do This First…

Looking to buy a used vehicle soon?  It is very important that before you purchase a used vehicle that it is inspected by a trusted mechanic to avoid major expenses in the future.
Here at TGK Automotive we will do a complete vehicle inspection if you are thinking about purchasing a used vehicle.  That way you will know if it is in good working condition or if it will be in need of repairing in the near future.  If the vehicle needs fixing, you will be able to back out of the deal or negotiate a lower price.
Here are some of the components we look at in our full vehicle inspection:

– Lube and maintenance

– Accessories

– Electrical

– Cooling

– Air conditioning and heating

– Drive-ability (fuel, ignition, CEC)

– Steering and Suspension

– Tires and wheels

– Brakes

– Final drive and differential

– Engine

– Transmission and clutch

– Exhaust
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Most dealers will let you take the vehicle to get inspected, all you have to do is ask!  If they don’t let you or hesitate, they could be hiding something. Vehicle inspections do not cost a lot, and will save money you in long run if it turns out the vehicle is in need of repair.

Schedule your appointment today before you purchase a used vehicle to avoid major expenses later on.

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