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Volvo Explores Inflatable Car Seat Concept

In the state of Minnesota it is the law that all children under the age of 8 must ride in an approved car seat or booster seat, unless they are 4’9″ or taller.  Click here to read more laws on child car seats.

Usually the car seats are bulky and hard to move, which makes it difficult to travel with young children. However, Volvo is trying to design a lightweight inflatable car seat by using the latest technology.   

In designing this car seat they used a unique material called drop-stitch fabric, that can be brought to a high internal pressure. This fabric is most commonly used in the boating industry and military.  All together the safety seat weighs 11 pounds, which makes is easy to pack and move.  It takes only 40 seconds to inflate and deflate!  Once deflated in can fit right into a backpack.  

Volvo is striving for the best and trying to make a enjoyable driving experience and the inflatable car seat is just one of the ways they are trying to achieve their goal.

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