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Watch Out for Potholes!

After a long winter the roads can be in pretty bad shape, especially here in the Twin Cities. It seems like as soon as the roads are clear of snow and ice there is a new problem to look out for: potholes. Potholes can be very damaging to your car, so this spring make sure you keep your eyes open and avoid as much damage as you can.  Potholes can affect your alignment, shocks and struts, and your tires.  So here are a couple tips to help you avoid potholes.

  1. Don’t tailgate. By leaving a little extra room between you and the car ahead of you, you will be able to better avoid potholes without getting in an accident.
  1. Keep your hands at 10 & 2. Make sure you keep both hands on the wheel and have total control of your vehicle.
  1. Keep your tires inflated. If a tire is under or over-inflated, the pothole can create even more damage and even pop your tire.
  1. The slower the better. Although it may seem better to drive over a pothole faster, this isn’t one of those things that can be “quick and painless”.   You shouldn’t come to a complete stop, but slowing down a little bit, especially on roads with high speed limits, will cause less damage to your vehicle.
  1. Watch out for that puddle! You never know how deep those puddles really are…they could be potholes in disguise.

Potholes are hard to avoid 100% of the time, especially when you live in an area with long winters that have damaged the roads. If your car feels like it is pulling in one direction or your tires feel funny, have your car looked at as soon as you can!

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